the space clown

the clowns of timeless space..afloat in dreams of his femme moon love..tear-laden behind their masking vibrance of flashy theatrics of laughter cosmetics..The show must go on it loneliness nights strand him blandly nowhere.. pic courtesy: web She said, eating moon lollipops: “I’d do anything for you or to you.” So I painted my face... Continue Reading →

LOVE MOSAIC.. [their mangled brokenness an intermingling destiny] button. bangling. love. elevations

fading hues rusts ruins eroding frames..never in the withering of their souls..intermingling in destined fusion mosaic are their brokenness & painripened maturations...LOVE it is For the child who thought moon was a button To the man unhooking button thru’ denim dreams Straddling zip, opening, exposing a wounded weapon Broken stairs remain climbed by luminescent star... Continue Reading →

3 back cover blurbs of no significance

random exptemporaneous are the most beautiful of poetry in spills ..of piquantly pungent nothingness bleakly facades of punching pentratibf substance..its an unpredictably falling in line divinity.. thus this poetry, the godparticle of words & verses..& more inexplicabilities! i. round-up does this have to showcase their monopolistic eccentricities an epic drab elongated elasticity case an... Continue Reading →

i. hybrid [nascent astronomical] dawns…of our sky and flesh

hybrid [nascent astronomical] dawns...of our sky and flesh..births anew in its solid metallic lustre and sonorous resonance ..of our cosmic [sub]conscious collective hearty brimming tears & sacred crying joyousness.. Waking up to you my Love..our overnight skins of fused fermentations..into organic dreams & eternal threads of retting love..gleams under the sparking sun's dawning lights..streams... Continue Reading →

iii. hybrid [married civic] dawns…of our sky and flesh

hybrid [civic] dawns..of our sky & flesh heart in resuscitating hertz of a beat…serial beats...a trail of passing silver streak across black matte universal depths ...flutters a hi-fi vibrational winged sensation in an emergence...third eye slithers in purplish fluorescent inflorescence out of abyssal blackhole...awakens this soul in a calming birth from subterranean dungeons of dark... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

  Thanks for joining us!   The Versifying Love..Prose Prosaic More..Two Souls Throb as One..Evermore.. This Us 'Sky & Flesh'.. Fusion of our abstractions & lives.. Blog Title Saluting -Our Love Eternal ..&  OurForevermore Poet,  THE Poet Pier Paolo Pasolini, from ourdigging passionate depths      Flavours of our drpping Golden Raining Quotes: "Poor as... Continue Reading →

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